2009  Garage Flower, Mogadishni CPH, Copenhagen
2008  Fragile States, Guy Bartschi Gallery, Geneva
2007  Canyon, Mogadishni AAR, Aaarhus
2005  Tender, Mogadishni CPH, Copenhagen
2009  5+1, 1000eventi Gallery, Milan
2008  Precious Things, Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda
      Fun House, Way West, London
      The Good with the Bad, Mogadishni AAR, Aaarhus
      Group Show, Mogadishni CPH, Copenhagen
2007  Jerwood Contemporary Painters, Jerwood Space, London
      Braziers International, Braziers Park, Oxford
      Fresh Eyes on F1, Mayfair Hotel, London
2006  Go Figure, Mogadishni AAR, Aaarhus
2005  Brand-X, Sartorial Art, London
      KT Annual, Keith Talent Gallery, London
      The Lost Night, Prenelle Gallery, London
      Darkest Hour, Mogadishni CPH, Copenhagen
2004  Tubeway Army, Keith Talent Gallery at SAAB, London
      Cardboard Factory, Mogadishni CPH, Copenhagen
      Concert In The Egg, The Ship Gallery, London
      Born, Cry, Eat, Shit, Fuck, Die, Rockwell Gallery, London
Collage - Assembling Contemporary Art, Blackdog Publishing 2008
Fragile States, Guy Bartschi Gallery 2008